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ONE|Pass Incentivizes Local Thriving

Local businesses create the downtown experience of Boulder and play a key role in the health of our city by creating places for community to gather and connect. ONE|Boulder is teaming up with values-aligned local businesses to incentivize local spending, community connection, and local resilience through ONE|Pass.

Win Win Scenario

ONE|Pass Business Partners benefit from increased values-aligned customers visiting your locations, your business becoming a known staple in the city of Boulder through the local app of over 1,600 engaged users, and supporting the facilitation of in-person community connections.


ONE|Pass Subscribers benefit from being able to claim deals (discounts, BOGO, Happy Hour, to name a few) on their purchases at ONE|Pass business locations. Visiting ONE|Pass business locations also increases opportunity to run into friends who are also on the ONE|Boulder app. ONE|Pass Subscribers, as well as all members of the app, benefit from knowing they are supporting values-aligned locally owned businesses by shopping at ONE|Pass Business Partners.

Apply to be a ONE|Pass Business Partner:


Get ONE|Pass in the ONE|Boulder App: 

ONE|Pass Business Partners

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