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What is an EPIC?

EPIC is an acronym that stands for any trans-organizational work, including; Events, Enterprises, Projects, Programs, Initiatives, Incidents, Campaigns, or Community Building.

EPICs are any work that requires collective action in order to accomplish a goal.

Here at ONE|Boulder, we have multiple EPICs that the team contributes to as a means to see community visions come to life. Below is a list of the active EPICs we that are currently supported by ONE|Boulder's service force, ONE|Corps.

Our Current EPICs

ONE|RiversideONE|Boulder's membership club and home base for inspired, resilient, and embodied leaders. Here we are develop our personal, professional & collaborative skills and connect our resources to co-create possibilities for mutual thriving.

The RiversideEvent Production

ONE|CorpsEPIC Service Force support

Tech Collective: Current developers of the ONE|Boulder App.

The Stand: FarmStand Co-op, includes our Creative Collective, Art Studio &/or workshops (by zoning)


The Farm: Community shared farm 

Chef’s Collective: Catering Services



ONE|Corps serves as the central hub for professional services in the community. This team serves ONE|Boulder and its Domains and projects, as well as the projects of the Players & Members within it, and ultimately, external businesses and business owners wishing to align with ONE|Boulder.

Think of ONE|Corps as the one-stop-shop to support ecosystems and entrepreneurs to run stable, effective, and low-stress businesses. This frees up more time for entrepreneurs to focus on what they actually love doing, rather than having to learn everything it takes to build and run a business, and freelance administrative professionals to spend more time serving clients rather than seeking them. ONE|Corps uses the EPIC Coordination System
to support businesses with greater efficiency and lower start-up cost.



The EPIC Coordination System (ECS) is ONE|Boulder's adaptation of the Incident Command System (ICS). ICS is the global standard in emergency response environments - used to coordinate and mobilize thousands of people, across multiple agencies, into practical action and meaningful response in a matter of hours, despite never having worked together before. We've added cutting-edge cultural and financial practices, a Training & Development branch, and Community & Spirit branch to support our specific community context.


Each ECS project begins with a 3-person management team - the Lead, the Support and the Safety. The management team makes an "all-in commitment" to take 100% responsibility for the project's needs and to fill all core ECS branches.


These Branches are:

Unified Coordination - The core management of the project, including broadcasting public information, ensuring overall project safety, and connecting with partner organizations.

Operations - Responsible for determining what needs to get done NOW

Planning - Responsible for planning HOW to do what needs to get done

Logistics - Responsible for procuring and maintaining the resources (WHAT) needed to get it done

Admin & Finance - Responsible for determining what resources are available to get it done

Training & Development - Developing trainings and the capacities of emergent leadership

Community & Spirit - The culture keepers and community support. This role is mindful of the people who are involved in this project, making sure everyone is feeling safe, sourced and in connection with their passion.

By establishing best practices and modeling after ICS, those working with ECS move more efficiently towards their respective missions, and the groundwork is established for inter-organizational collaboration and shared human resources, including in the case of any local emergency response efforts.



Here are some of the areas we see as our "Essentials For Thriving"



Education & Arts



Community Care & Clothing


Wealth + Complimentary Currencies




Emergency Procedures, Safety + Security




TEL: 123-456-7890  |  TEAM@ONEBOULDER.ONE

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